My First Blog Comment

In the Broadway computer lab at Portland State University 7 years ago, I made my very own facebook page. A few hours later I rummaged through pictures until I found one I wanted to use for my profile pic. So I logged in again and to my surprise I had a notification. Someone had written on my wall for the very first time and I felt so happy. My cyber-self’s existence was acknowledged. I was off the bench with my quench of thirst for game time satiated.

And just recently at the beginning of this month, I felt that giddy feeling all over again. Someone commented on my Ainu post! Also, she put a link to my blog on her site Project Uepeker. (In the 2011 November section)

I’ve been an active member in other online communities, but I finally feel like part of the blog world now.

I blog therefore I am!

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