田植え Taue Means It’s Time To Plant Rice

June 11, 2011

When Yasu asked me if I wanted to help him plant rice again this year, I said ‘Of course.” He told me to invite some friends and come over. Since it was a bit late in the rice planting season we would not be planing regular rice, the kind that ends up in your musubi, nigiri, and bento, instead we would be planting the kind of rice that ends up in your mochi (mochigome). We took about 5 hours to finish one square-ish patty. Our field could have been done in less than 20 minutes if done by machine, but we kept our rice planting style traditional on this day. Getting dirty felt really good. It was like being a kid again. And actually, Yasu’s kids were there with us too which added extra kiddyness to the day. Talking with little Ittokun made me really interested in all the little things around us, particularly living things, that we take for granted. He was packed full of questions about every creature/seed/plant we came across. Here we are talking about seeds he found in a pod. He was counting them.

I think it’s fair to say we all had a good time. Can’t wait till it’s time to harvest!

Taue Trailer

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