Extra Extra Read All About It

For the past week I have been dodging calls from the newspaper company I order bi-monthly newspapers from. Partly because I do not like being solicited for stuff I could live without, and partly because I was not sure if I paid my bill last month. The calls kept coming so I answered today. Turns out they want to interview me and do a little blurb-type thing about me. The secretary and I made an interview date for next week.

This made me think about the small pile of newspapers I have been collecting since I got here. I use newspaper for random art projects and every now and then students ask me for newspapers with English print for this and that. But this pile I was collecting was a bit different than just any ordinary run-at-the-mill newspaper… these were newspapers with my picture in them. I just thought I should share this collection of what I got so far. After today’s surprising phone call, it looks like this entry will get longer in the near future!

Naked Man Festival. Okayama February 22, 2009. Okayama Newspaper. Hint: I’m wearing yellow tape on my fingers

Capoeira practice. March 20, 2009. One day a newspaper photographer came to our studio and this got into Kyoto Newspaper the following day.

Tokushima Newspaper. Summer 2011. This was taken at the annual touch rugby tournament organized by Tokushima ALT’s and local organizations. Always a good time.

Takashima City Newsprint. February 1, 2011. This was an article about Elementary English Assistant Language Teachers.

Zazen Meditation at Toenji Temple. November 1, 2011. Yomiuri Newspaper. Every year a group of kids from Marist Brothers International School in Kobe visits one of my elementary schools for 2 days of cultural exchange. It is one of my favorite times of the school year, no doubt. This is just one of the many activities we do.

Ado Elementary School Newspaper. November 4, 2011. This was taken at the annual Undokai (Sports Day Festival). After hearing multiple reviews I think it is safe to say my Usain Bolt gig was well taken by the crowd. As you can see, even when Bolt races kids he does not hesitate to leave ‘um in the dust.

MidWeek. March 2, 2011. My brother is no stranger to newspapers. Here you can see him doing his thing the way only a Lee brother can. We were raised on our Uncle Martin’s signature recipe Swiss Inn Salad Dressing, and I am so happy and proud to see him keep up the tradition. Keep making that onolicious, broke-da-mouth, one-of-a-kind, scrumdidlyumcious salad dressing Tai. Represent represent.

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