First Cycle Complete

Entry from August 5, 2009

The fields of rice once again match my first impression. The high-pitched relentlessness of a semi’s roar once again makes my ears bleed. How do you make your ever so short life span seem so long? Leave my window sill and follow that light at the end of the tunnel please, Mr. Semi. The sky cuddles rays of sunlight long after I leave the office. Enough time for a bike ride to the lake and back. The rivers temperature around my feet is refreshing and much needed in this heat. Spiders are full and plump. Eating victims in webs while some stalk and jump. Either way they are ridiculously big. Big enough to see from across the street and quick enough to catch a frog mid-leap. I hope these aren’t the spiders we eat in our sleep. The smell of tatami mats is somewhat nostalgic. My first nights were spent only millimeters above it. It has been a year since I have slept on a bed. Well actually that is not true. I did at a hotel and when I visited the states. Futon = folding couch in America. A fluffy mattress laid upon a raised frame. However, a futon in Japan means lay your ass down on the floor. This brings about a whole new perception of “getting-up” in the morning.

But getting-up in August is far more doable than getting-up in February, yet not as exciting as getting-up in May when you know the cool breeze and sun is here to stay… until another leaf has turned golden and blown away.

semi =

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