Ussain Bolt in Japan

The world’s fastest man was kind enough to visit one of my elementary schools during the Sports Day Festival. He volunteered to do a showcase race during the intermission. His opposition – 2 young adult teachers and 2 junior high school boys.

Although he may be the best sprinter in the world, he sure isn’t the best at janken (rock paper scissors). Bolt lost the janken battle for lane positions and ended up in lane 5, the outermost lane, which actually was a blessing in disguise. Because the elementary school tracks are very small there is not much room to unleash the beast and reach top speed. Ending up in lane 5 gave Bolt the straightest possible course to set ablaze.

In true Bolt fashion, he jumped the gun with a false start… but those strict regulations in the professional track and field world don’t carry any weight here at Sports Day Festival. Bolt released some frustration by taking off his jersey, shaking his head and letting some Jamaican slang slip out of his mouth. Shortly after, he took his mark, did his ritual pre-race thingy, then at the crackling of the start gun he took off. The crowd of excited parents and guests cheered as he pushed onward. Leaving everyone in his dust Bolt crossed the finish line and continued running around the track, giving high-5’s to all the little kids who swarmed onto the track to congratulate him. Bolt was immediately surrounded by little kids imitating his celebration pose. They came running, fingers pointed towards the sky, one after another. “Bolt!” 「はやい!」”Do it again!” 「もう一回やって」

As celebrations continued Bolt was called upon to take a commemorative photo. For today was the day he broke yet another record. But unlike the time records he shattered today’s record was as Bolt put it, “more special than any medal I can wear around my neck.” Today, September 18th, 2011 marks the day Bolt had the funnest race ever.

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