King Tut Exhibition in Osaka, Japan

How could I let a chance like this pass me by? When an exhibition of this scale travels the world and happens to come within a 2 hour drive of where you live, I believe it’s your duty to go check it out! 2500 Yen and 90 minutes of waiting time was well worth it. Check out the video for some of my thoughts and impressions.

Here’s some things I didn’t mention in the video but want to share:

By no means am I an authority on ancient Egypt. So don’t be surprised if I say some ignorant stuff. My only source of information regarding ancient Egypt comes from random media sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, and the History Channels ‘Ancient Aliens’ series – pretty much the same sources you can find in the bibliographies of modern-day high schoolers. Legit!

Most if not all the pieces on display had hieroglyphs written on their back sides. Instead of viewing from the front like 97% of people, I would stand on the sides of the displays. One advantage is less foot traffic herding you towards the next display, and another advantage is from the side you are able to see these hieroglyphs written on the backsides.

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