2012 Annular Solar Eclipse observed from Japan

I got up at 5am with plans to catch a train south where hopes of seeing the ‘ring’ were high. However, once I took a look out of my kitchen window I realized how clear the skies above Shiga were and decided to keep it local on this spectacular occasion. Good thing I did because I ran into a certain someone, or rather that certain someone ran into me, during the eclipse (see video below), amplifying the greatness.

How can you not be interested in an eclipse?! Seriously. I’ve heard quite a few people express their disinterest in this event as if it’s just some ‘thing’ happening early in the morning. Nothing worth losing sleep over.

I on the other hand would gladly lose sleep, a couple nights worth even, over something like this. Geek. Dork. Nerd. Otaku. Put me through the gauntlet of names you could call me for my incredible curiosity and interest in the natural world. Just  remember that no one in the pages of history was ever ‘normal’ or ‘like everyone else.’

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