Mowgli Vision

Wild animals did not raise me.  My childhood was not lacking modern day familiarities such as street lights, ice cream and rapid transportation. However in a slight twist of irony it is now, in my adulthood in Japan, where I  have repeatedly found myself in situations worthy of blessing the pages of the children’s classic: The Jungle Book.

Living in the Japan country-side there is no shortage of jungleish moments. Moments when any kid from cozy cement high rises of the city would flip out. Moments when anyone semi-squirmish about insects would turn suicidal. And to be fair these are also moments that would take Sir David Attenborough to jizztastical highs. Once again, we find ourselves testing the limits of comfort.

Usolee is all about nature. I love it. Especially how varied and specialized things are. I love how it keeps us on our toes because even today with all our technology and intellectual might we never know what’s coming next.

“Seriously, wtf. I aint playing wtf.” “Did it just move?” “Is that….a…”  “Is it looking at me?” “I didn’t know …. were in Japan.” “… are so different here.” “I found one in my kitchen last night!” “Hell no, it can FLY?!” “Can I eat this?” “NO WAY! Finally I get to see a… ”

This list of real life stories continues, but for now Mowgli Vision will do.


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