The best trips come in spans of 2 weeks. 2 weeks in South Africa in 2010 and now 2 weeks home in America. Life just keeps dropping 14-day-chunk gems on me and I love it!

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I cashed in some of my saved up vacation days and headed far east. First stop: home sweet home. I stayed in Hawaii for a few nights before leaving to New York for my friend Dale’s wedding. This was to be my first time on the east coast, not to mention a whole gang of friends I met in Japan were also going to be attending Dale’s wedding. After I found out we’d all be staying in the same hotel/borough I was more excited than ever. I already knew it was going to be crazy good!

Sure enough, my time in New York was amazing. I stayed 4 nights in Brooklyn and 2 in Queens and probably slept a total of 12 hours! Sleep when you’re dead, right?

Needless to say everyday was spent doing something with someone. A whirlwind of subway rides and one way streets later I was on my way back to Hawaii.

Literally as soon as I leave Honolulu airport I jump into another long list of things to do, people to see, food to eat. It’s seriously a non-stop ride, all the while making an effort to point my camera at my surroundings every now and then. I tell myself over and over, “If not now, when?” And this keeps me going. I’ve taken so much away from this last trip home it’s ridiculous. Namely, a stronger sense to get my hustle on. To really push towards what I want.

Seeing new places is so revitalising.  Seeing people develop is so motivating. Most of all when I see kids I used to know being little adults, I feel that sense of time. The sense that time does not stop and it’s always moving. So I feel like it’s up to me to keep up!

Anyhow, I’m sure my feelings are reflected in the HI NY HI videos I made. Enjoy!

coming soon: HI NY HI Sex Museum

Sex Museum. Downtown Manhattan


  1. Yo Kenji this is awesome bro.

    I love the scenery shots you get. That final portin in the Hi NY Hi scene where you focus on your eyes, but transfer to what your eye is seeing is a trip.

    Also, was pretty blown away by the shots of people jumping on land and then you caught them under water.

    I’ll be checking out the rest of the videos in the next few days my man. Nice work :).

    I’m way stoked to be doing a project with you man.

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