The Ninja In You

This guys Ninjaness has rubbed off on me. Now I attack every hour with purpose. No days off.

I really enjoyed shooting this. Lot’s of firsts for me as a director, editor* and camera operator. This is just the foot of the mountain and I’m hungry for that view of the world from the top. There’s going to be a whole lot of climbing in 2013, The Year of the Snake.

Hey Izzy, quick question: What does a snake symbolise? And how can I apply that to my life in 2013?

Just in case you’re wondering, I started hanging out with Izzy earlier this year. Keep in mind I have always considered myself a positive optimistic person but every time I hang out with this guy I feel even MORE positive and optimistic. As if my already huge ambitions took a shot of adrenaline. I feel a surge of creativity. Confidence boost. Clarity. One of those people you meet in life with a lot of life in em.

Oh and did I mention his comic game is off da charts. Be sure to check him out and see what exactly I’m talking about:

30 Year Old Ninja comic Failure

Do you want to see more usolee and 30 Year Old Ninja collaborations?

(We both live in Kansai, Japan. We both wanna make leaps and bounds on our journey towards our dreams. It only makes sense right?!)

* This was fun to do. Video Copilot is amazing.


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