PechaKucha Night Osaka vol.1

Videographers Notes

White Balance is a hassle.

It’s more likely that I just haven’t put in enough hours of real life practice to get it right.  But hey, in any case, just by doing this project I’ve gained some new insights about white balance.

I was shooting from 4pm until 10pm, indoors and outside, with all kinds of artificial light sources – the florescent lights of the venue, my LED light w/o filter, the lights from the projector during presentations, natural daylight from golden hour all the way until night.

There were so many variations of light temperatures. Running around from shot to shot, from one room to another, inside outside… I forgot to adjust white balance so many times! Comments during 1:42 has that super yellow, super indoorsy look, and the comment at 1:50 is a bit closer to white but still yellowy. Meanwhile, Juho is teal, Ayaka is deep sea greeny and Izzy is just a shadow.

In situations like these, I think it might actually be better to embrace the variety of color/temperature as opposed to unifying all shots to look the same. After all, the content of this evenings presentations was as just as various as the lighting situation!

There’s a proverb in Japanese 「十人十色」’jyuunintoiro’ its written meaning is ’10 people 10 colours’ but can be interpreted as ‘many men, many minds.’ Or in this particular case: ‘many colour temperatures, so what?!’


Panasonic Lumix GH2 (with driftwood settings: Cluster v7 ‘Apocalypse Now – Nebula ’6 GOP), extra battery and battery charger, 17.5 Nokton, 34GB SD Memory Card, tripod, monopod, fluid head, ball head, slider, shotgun mic, LED light (finally got one for myself!)

PechaKucha Night Osaka vol.1

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