Post Typhoon Pictures Of Kamogawa River In Kyoto, Japan

The day time photos were taken around 11:30am – noon. Evening shots were taken from 10:30- midnight.

I do video a lot but recently I have been trying to up my game with long-exposure photography as well as night photography. So, I combined the two together and produced this sequence of long-exposure night shots. Details for each shot included in the description.

I want to note, however, I did shoot in RAW and make post adjustments with Camera RAW. I tweaked luminance, clarity, vibrance, saturation, blacks, whites, highlights and shadows depending on what I wanted to do with each photo as well as how well the original shot was.

You’ll probably notice a decent amount of noise in a few shots. I think with all the repeated 60 second exposure shots the pixels on my sensor were getting pretty hot!

There is a reason for why most of my shots are maxed out at 60 seconds. My intention was to do even longer exposures using B (bulb mode) with my Panasonic GH2 and 14-140 kit lens… but I bought the WRONG timer which is only compatible with Canon!

Yeah, I know… I feel pretty dumb about doing that! Especially since Amazon clearly listed the models the timer was compatible with. In my hasty decision making I completely overlooked that crucial factor, resulting in a lot of 60 second exposures.


Targeting motion is best for long exposures. That’s why when I saw Kamogawa river raging out of control I knew I had a unique opportunity to 1) capture the moment and 2) practice long exposure photography at night. I am thoroughly pleased with the results. My favourite is this one:

Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan (f/5 8.00 ISO 400 22mm)

Kamogawa, Kyoto, Japan (f/5 8.00 ISO 400 22mm)

It’s just so artsy. Beauty in simplicity and imperfection.

I think I could have made the shot of the tree trunk a lot cooler if I had lit it up with my LED light which I unfortunately forgot at home. By now the Kyoto city clean-up crew has gotten rid of it so the shot I got will have to suffice.


Which shot is your top pick and why?

How would you suggest I improve my long-exposure night shots?

Wanna share any tips?!

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